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Home · The Worst That Didn't Happen

Adam Miribyan

Software Writer, Builder, Strategist

Evolution is turning us into comfort-longing sissies. Every time we decide to play it safe, we surrender our future to our past.

When other people take risks it’s entertaining. Though despite all the possibilities, fame, fortune and what not, we rarely take our own chances.

It makes sense. The stakes are too high and our brain has been wired to survive, not thrive. Back in primordial times, when Homo sapiens was the new kid on the block and dangerous creatures roamed the land, it was so much easier to take risks and end up dead.

That was hundreds of thousands years ago.

Today, more than any day before, the “Worst That Could Happen” is not as fatal as it used to be. Our brain strongly disagrees, but the ancient part of it that has kept humanity alive knows no reason or logic. What used to contribute to our survival drives our stagnation now.

There’s a balance between recklessness and debilitating comfort. Maintaining that balance means experiencing more joy in life.

It’s not all bungee jumping and shark diving when I say risk. It can be anything that makes you feel agitated, a little bit uncomfortable, simultaneously anxious and excited. Consider this, the next time you think it’s best to play it safe.

The worst that could happen isn’t as bad as you think. Don’t let your past spoil your future. And have fun while you’re at it.